Reasons You Should Be Talking Our Deck Building Services

 4 Benefits Of Deck Building Services

  • Appeal to potential home buyers
  • Transform your backyard
  • Better entertain guests
  • Increase space

Seeking deck building services in St. Pete will benefit you and your home in many ways. First, building a deck will increase the value of your home while attracting the attention of potential buyers. This is because the deck can really transform your backyard into something special.

If you aren’t looking to sell and just want to spice up your outside area, decks are the perfect opportunity to change things up a bit and give your guests an ideal place to gather. If social gatherings aren’t your scene, the deck is also an ample area to just kick back and relax after a long day.

A Deck Allows For Creative Freedom

You’ve elevated your backyard with a deck, but now it’s time to bring your deck to the next level. You can add your own personal touch by setting up plants or decorating with lights to really personalize things. Adding furniture to your deck is also a nice touch, so you and your family or friends can enjoy the space as comfortably as possible. Furthermore, some folks even add fire pits to their decks to really take things to the next level. Roast marshmallows or enjoy delicious meals with your family outside on the deck rather than at the typical kitchen table. If any of this sounds appealing to you, definitely consider building a deck with our service professionals.

Deck Vs. Patio

A deck and a patio are basically the same things, but decks are raised and completely open. Whereas patios usually have some kind of covering requiring support, and they’re built directly on the ground with no elevation. Patios are typically more inexpensive, but decks usually have a much higher ROI when it comes down to it. They’re built similarly, and each comes with many benefits, so it’s really just up to your personal opinion.

What’s The Best Decking Material?

Each material offers its own benefits and downfalls, so there isn’t one “best” material. It all depends on the level of maintenance you’re willing to provide and the style and look you’re going for. But the most popular options for decking materials are cellular PVC or composite decking. Composite and PVC decking materials require very little maintenance and offer many benefits. Composite decking benefits include:

  • Slip-resistant
  • High durability
  • Fade, stain, and scratch-resistant
  • Prevents UV and insect damage
  • Widest range of finishes and styles

PVC decking materials are quite similar in their resistance to stains, scratches, and fading as well. The reason that these options are so popular though is they’re much easier to clean and maintain over classic wood. But if you’re willing to put in the time to maintain real wood, we highly recommend you do.

Deck Building Services Conclusion

Deck building services offer many benefits. There is tons of creative freedom when it comes to decorating and personalizing your deck. When choosing a material, ensure you’re aware of the maintenance commitment and are willing to stick to it. Contact Priority Marine online or give us a call at 727-447-1373 for deck building services or custom boat lift installations.

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