Tactics The Pros Use For Dock Construction

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Dock construction can transform your living space in Tampa. Your dock will offer safe passage in and off of the watercraft, so you, your family, and guests won’t have to risk injury. Plus, it’s the ultimate relaxation or party spot.

A dock is a beautiful addition to your outdoor living area that you can enjoy for as long as you enjoy your Tampa home. This is guaranteed by a secure build from the professionals here at Priority Marine.

Here are some of the key tactics that the pros use for dock construction to create a structure that will look beautiful, and stand the test of time.

1. Thoroughly Plan Before Dock Construction

Before any dock construction begins, our contractors will work with you to extensively plan key elements for your dock. There are various ways you can utilize a dock, impacting how the pros would approach your construction. For example, if you plan to put furniture on your dock, it may be wider than usual.

The first step in the dock construction process is always thorough planning. The pros will make sure to make accommodations specifically related to the intended use of your dock. We want to make sure you enjoy your dock to the fullest extent, and this means creating and designing your dock from the get-go exactly how you want it.

2. Creating Strong and Long Lasting Footers

The footers of your dock are what’s supporting it. So if the footers are flimsy, this means your landing is unsteady. Luckily, our team at Priority Marine in Tampa won’t just sink dock posts into the dug holes.

We use PVC pipes during the dock construction process to create concrete posts that are incredibly durable. With this durability, you can enjoy your dock for years. You won’t have to worry about it being unreliable or unsafe.

3. Proper Dock Height

Your dock must be sitting at the proper height. If it’s submerged too deep, it’s more vulnerable to the elements and if it’s too high, accessing the water is a struggle. Your dock must sit just a few inches above the maximum waterline.

Our experienced team will accurately measure the maximum water line before dock construction, so your dock sits at just the right height. This way it will last it’s fully intended lifespan, and allow you safe access into the water.

4. Choosing The Right Materials

There are a few options to choose from regarding docking materials, and they all depend on your circumstances. For instance, if you’re looking for a dock that doesn’t require maintenance, composite and cellular PVC materials are the way to go.

A wood dock is appealing to many, and recreating the classic look can be a real challenge. The only downside to wood is the maintenance it requires to remain to look brand new and avoid splinters. But if you don’t mind the maintenance and desire that classic look and feel of real wood, it’s a great option.

While choosing suitable materials for dock construction we make sure they fit your unique circumstances and accommodate the needs of you and your family.

5. Burying Dock Posts To The Appropriate Depth

Many will make the mistake of burying dock posts that aren’t deep enough in the ground. As your leading dock construction professionals in Tampa, we make sure that your posts are buried deep enough to support your dock. You can have peace of mind your money isn’t going to waste, and everyone using the dock can be safe.

Dock Construction Takeaways

Your dock will become the perfect place to escape the stresses of everyday life. But you want to avoid your dock creating even more stress, by having wonky construction. Remember, dock construction should always include,

  • A thorough plan
  • Strong footers
  • Proper dock height
  • The right material
  • Dock posts deep enough to support your dock

If you’re looking for reliable, stunning, dock construction from the pros you’ve come to the right place. You can contact us online or give us a call at 727-447-1373. We also offer various other marine construction services, such as decks, boardwalks, boat lifts, and more.

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