How Long Does It Take to Build a Dock?

So, you’re thinking about storing your boat at your own home dock in Tampa. This is a great convenience for avid boaters. But maybe you don’t have a boat dock yet. One of the first questions you may want to be answered is, “How long does it take to build a boat dock?” Priority Marine is a dock construction company with decades of experience, and we have some answers for you.

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There are several stages to dock building, each with its own timeline.

Consultation and Research

Although you may want to build a dock on your property, you may or may not have the conditions required. Just a few of the things to know are:

  • What your Tampa community allows
  • Property rights
  • Type of water, water depth, and fluctuations

Consult with an experienced marine construction company to talk about the type of dock you want. Use, type of boat, length of the dock, materials, lift, design, etc. are all important decisions to make ahead of time.


You may or may not require a permit to have your dock built. Check the local laws to find out if you are exempt or require a permit.

The dock construction company you are working with can help you navigate this process. The application for a permit will need to be submitted once the design of your dock is finalized. Be prepared, obtaining a permit in Tampa could be a quick turnaround, say one month.

On the other hand, it could take up to six months to receive a permit. So, for example, if you would like your dock completed by March, you will need to get the wheels turning before November.


Once the dock construction company has begun the build, it could take four to six weeks to complete. Factors affecting the build time include:

  • Type of dock: suspension, pilling, pipe, crib, or floating
  • Size of your dock
  • The complexity of the build
  • Weather at the time of construction

Boat Docks | Tampa BayFinding a Dock Construction Company in Tampa

Some people are do-it-yourselfers and would prefer to build their own dock. It is possible to do so, depending on the type, size, and complexity. You would need to know things like pilings and pile driving, water fluctuations, bracing, and attachments, just to name a few.

The better and safer alternative to doing it yourself is to hire a reputable dock construction company. This choice will save you time, money, mistakes, and headaches. Building over water is not the same as building over land.


You want a marine construction company that has experience with building over Tampa’s waters. Some other considerations:

  • Choose a contractor licensed in your state.
  • Do they have a lot of marine construction experience in the Tampa area?
  • Get referrals from satisfied dock owners.

You want a marine construction company that has experience with building over Tampa’s waters.

Priority Marine – Tampa’s Boat Dock Builders

We are the premier dock construction company in the Bay area. Our customers receive nothing but the best quality, materials, and customer service.

Over 30 years in the area, active in the marine community and avid boaters ourselves gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the waters of Tampa Bay.

When we consult with you, we will make sure that your needs are met, your budget is honored, and you are completely satisfied.

Visit our website to view our gallery of work, read testimonials, and check out our other offerings. Our dock construction company has also constructed decks, boat lifts, and boardwalks for many happy customers.

Contact us at (727) 447-1373 or via message and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you with all your marine construction needs.

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