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Quality Decking MaterialsDecking Materials Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Pete, Ellenton – Many people believe that they only have two options for choosing a deck material, those options being wood and composite decking. There is, in fact, an alternative to these types of decking that may be more suitable for your specific decking requirements in Tampa Bay. Cellular PVC is a relatively new type of decking material that has been gaining popularity. Simply stating the different decking options does not provide customers with substantial information to make a well-informed decision. A breakdown of wood, composite, and cellular PVC will allow you to understand each type of decking material’s benefits fully. Although these types of decking materials have some benefits in common, many Tampa Bay customers prefer one over the other for various reasons.

Wood Decking Materials

Composite Decking Materials

Cellular PVC Decking

This breakdown of the main types of decking materials should provide some helpful tips when choosing one to use for your deck construction in Tampa Bay. Consider all of the benefits and disadvantages each type of decking material has, and your selection should be much easier.

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