Custom Decks | Clearwater | Priority MarineA deck can genuinely transform your backyard. You can enjoy the outdoors efficiently and with style. Your deck is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee or even to have parties with friends and family. Priority Marine understands the importance of quality deck building services. Custom decks can be pricey, so we ensure a quality, long-lasting product you’re sure to enjoy for many, many years.

Trex Vs. Wood

Trex is a composite decking material that can be shaped to create patterns and requires very little maintenance. It’s made of recycled materials to avoid issues commonly associated with wood decks like warping and decay. The authentic wooden deck is definitely appealing, but Trex holds the title for efficiency.

The Benefits Of Composite Decking Materials

Composite materials are the way to go with deck building services. Sanding and painting are unnecessary because the fabricated material is weather resistant. This material is also scratch-resistant. If you expect your deck to experience some wear and tear, this durable material could be beneficial.

Furthermore, all you need to do for this material is wash with soap and water! Maintenance is a breeze and won’t take up a day. Composite decking also has the broadest range of finishes and styles. You can really get creative, and your deck will naturally lighten over time, giving you that classic weathered look.

Allow More Space For Social Gatherings

When you’re having guests over, no one will feel lost finding out where they should congregate. The deck will allow for an aesthetically pleasing area for your guests to enjoy themselves on the water. Deck-building services create a space people feel comfortable and relaxed is essential to keep your company happy. Plus, hanging out on the dock is a lot more exciting than hanging out in the kitchen. Your backyard becomes a space people want to be. If people are swimming, a dock gives them and you more accessible and safer access to the water.

Increase Your Homes Value

Adding a deck to your home will increase its value and catch the eye of potential buyers. You’re selling more than just a deck. You’re selling an area that potential buyers will create memories in. Plus, a deck further extenuates your waterfront property that’s also intriguing to buyers. So if you’re looking to sell your home, a deck is a great asset that could end up being the thing that sold your house. Seek deck building services and end up making your money back.

Don’t Need Deck Building Services? Consider A Resurface

If you aren’t looking for an entirely new deck, we are more than willing to resurface your existing deck. This is a more cost-effective solution than replacing your entire deck. Additionally, a resurface an excellent time to check for any safety concerns. Your contractor will inspect the structural framing hardware, among other important elements vital to the functionality and safety of your deck. It’s also important to check the airflow on lower hanging decks to avoid moisture build-up and mildew.

Why Should I Seek Deck Building Services Instead Of Doing It Myself?

You could build your deck yourself, but if you want a professional-looking job, you need to hire an actual professional with deck-building services. Experience always speaks for itself, and the saying practice makes perfect is very accurate. Hiring a company like Priority Marine will also save you time and effort. A contractor has the system down already and will work much faster than the average Joe. Building a deck can be harsh labor as well, so if you’re doing it yourself, make sure you’re fully committed to the time and effort it will consume.

Priority Marine Is Here The Whole Way

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming figuring out where to start on a project. This is why we value communication and ensure a smooth overall process. Our contractors will hear you out on all the things you want to be incorporated into your custom deck. We’ll also talk budget and give you a timeline on the project to know what to expect. Any updates or problems are communicated to you immediately. You can also rest assured any potential problems will be dealt with quickly and professionally due to years of experience in the field.

Contact Priority Marine For Deck Building Services

There are many benefits decks provide for you, your home, and your backyard. Composite decking materials are excellent because there are many opportunities for style, and they’re very low maintenance. Get the most out of your backyard and contact Priority Marine for custom boat lift or deck building services online or give us a call at 727-447-1337.

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