Professional Deck ConstructionClearwater is home to many marinas, and having a premiere company do your professional deck construction is the best way to guarantee a long-lasting structure that stands up to wear and tear. At Priority Marine, we are avid boaters and understand what you may be looking for regarding your boating and home improvement needs.

Deck Construction

When deciding on a addition for your home or marina in Clearwater, you have to consider what features of deck construction you want to include. At Priority Marine Construction, all of our structures feature:

We can resurface your structure as well, but many choose to build new. Regardless, we will work with you to fit your specific needs and budget and give you a fantastic result.


Purveyors of only the finest materials, we stock high-quality goods that give you a variety to choose from for your professional deck construction. Brands like Trex, ReliaBoard, Earthwood, and Horizon provide trusted sturdy features. Select from three main types of materials:

Each has a variety of benefits and special features that make them excellent for your specific situation, and we’ll work with you to find out which is best for your Clearwater home.


Composite is low-maintenance, and will never warp, rot, or splinter. Its composition makes it highly durable and resistant to stains, scratches, dents, and even tumultuous Clearwater weather. Composites are offered in various colors, finishes, and styles, so your design options are endless. Composites like Trex are the best second option for wood if you want the authentic look and feel without having to deal with the higher maintenance of wood. The texture and feel mimic natural wood, but this product is much sturdier and long-lasting.

Trex Transcend Composite

Trex is known for having the strongest and most durable deck construction materials available, and its reputation is well-earned. Trex Transcend composite comes with a 25-year warranty on fading, staining, or scratching, so you never have to worry about the integrity of your deck. In addition to that, there is no hassle involved— by no hassle, we mean no staining, sanding, or painting! Best of all, all you need for cleanup is some soap and water. Trex’s most powerful composite yet outshines all others regarding strength, durability, convenience, and performance.

IPE Wood

Ipe wood, also known as Brazilian cherry, offers an incredible density— three times that of cedar. It will stand up to wind, rain, and any storm. The density of ipe wood places it on par with steel and concrete in terms of fire ratings. Its density also lends a hand to resist several unwanted elements, such as:

This incredibly long-lasting and durable wood is a powerhouse of engineering and functionality. It comes in many lustrous shades, but the hues are primarily in the cherry and chestnut family. Most users find that, even with harsh weather and heavy traffic, ipe wood lasts for decades.


The most classic material for professional deck construction, wood does require some maintenance to keep it from decaying and weathering. It’s impossible to duplicate the exact look and feel of wood, so this choice is the most authentic when it comes to a traditional marina or backyard setting. Wood can also be treated and stained in many ways to give it a look you want.

Cellular PVC

A low-effort option, all cellular PVC needs to be cleaned is some soap and water since it contains no wood fibers. It resists scratches and stains and provides a lasting appearance; it won’t weather or fade. Mildew and mold don’t affect it, thanks to the vinyl and chlorides it’s made of.


Raised backyard patios are an excellent way to add living space to your home and enhance your outdoor experience. When built right, they add curb appeal and raise your home’s value. Trust your deck construction with a reputable company that is licensed, trained, and experienced. We can build your structure to meet all codes and regulations required by local and federal law. Priority Marine is affiliated with the Florida Marine Contractor’s Association, so we stay up-to-date on the newest trends in Clearwater and any changes in guidelines.

Our Services

Priority Marine’s comprehensive support gives you the best results from start to finish. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your structure meets your standards. Our professional deck construction services give you the chance to customize your design and build your dream addition. We are also Clearwater’s go-to for boat lifts, boat docks, & boathouses. Take care of all your home renovation and boatyard needs with one company.

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