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Ellenton Deck ConstructionOne of the biggest benefits of living in Ellenton is the beautiful weather and the proximity to large bodies of water that are perfect for boating. If you are considering using deck construction services so that you and your family can better enjoy your property, look no further than the professionals at Priority Marine Construction. We use only the most quality materials to construct the most beautiful additions in the Tampa Bay area, and we would be happy to find the best style for your needs and budget.

Benefits of a Deck

The best part about undergoing deck construction on your Ellenton property is dreaming up the possibilities of what you can use it for. Boats and watercrafts all need secure places to be docked especially when it is such a hassle to pay for one to be kept at a marina all the time. Decks can also be a great place to gather with family and friends to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. You can easily add tables, benches, swings, and coverings to make your space a comfortable and shaded area as well.

Variety of Materials

When choosing the materials you would like for your Ellenton project, it is important to know the benefits of all the choices. It is also important to consider things like budget and how much maintenance you anticipate to perform. The most widely used are wood and composite materials.

Wood: Lumber is a traditional choice for deck construction services that adds a rustic and beachy style to your Ellenton property. Lumber comes in many color choices and types, so a homeowner has many looks to choose from, including treated and untreated styles. Wood is usually a cheaper choice, but it comes with the burden of frequent upkeep and maintenance. Sometimes cheaper woods can chip or crack over time, and wood should be sealed and stained every three years to keep it healthy and attractive.

Composite: Composite decking is a mixture of recycled wood and plastics that create a synthetic compound. It has become a prevalent choice because it can be designed in various colors and styles. It also does not fade or stain, and it is less susceptible to erosion. Maintenance is also low as they do not need frequent upkeep to keep it looking new. All these benefits do come with the catch that composite is much more expensive than wood materials. The material also gets very slippery when wet and can get very hot under the sun’s heat.

Design Customization

Because there are various materials to choose from, it is effortless to customize your Ellenton deck construction services. Homeowners no longer have to settle for a plain wooden frame, and complex flooring can even be laid down over your choices. Fancy screws, fasteners, and corner planks can also be chosen to match a certain aesthetic. You can even add a hot tub or Jacuzzi! It is important to consult an experienced contractor before committing to a design or material. Only they will know what will work best for your property size and surrounding area.

Priority Marine Deck Construction

Priority Marine has over 30 years of experience using the best quality of service and deck construction materials for the people of Ellenton, and we would love to help you turn your own backyard into an oasis. As avid boaters ourselves, we know the importance of durable products that stand up through the test of time and unpredictable weather. We guarantee our customers satisfaction in every job we perform, and we are confident that our work will exceed your expectations. If you would like some help getting started on your deck construction project, give us a call today at (727) 447-1373.