Deck Construction | Sarasota | Priority MarineFor getting the most out of the breathtaking Sarasota environment, consider expanding your home with a beautiful deck from Priority Marine. The most trusted name in deck construction in Tampa Bay, Priority will create a one-of-a-kind showpiece for your backyard or patio. With various top-line materials to choose from, depending on your desires and budget, our decks are sturdy and weather-resistant. You know what you’re after; we know how to get it for you.

Salt Water, Sarasota, and Summertime

Because so much of Sarasota is near the Gulf of Mexico, the corrosive effects of saltwater and spray can – and do – reach inland. Therefore, it’s wise to use weather-safe materials in all deck construction. With Priority Marine, you have numerous lumber options. We recommend Trex products – a composite of wood and recycled materials. Trex is the top wood-alternative decking material in America, offering superior durability and performance. It also won’t splinter – nice to know for those barefoot summer days – or rot or warp. It’s virtually impervious to corrosive saltwater.

The high-performance outer shell protects it from the elements and resists scratching, fading, and staining. It’s available in a variety of natural-looking grains, colors, and designs. Also, Trex deck construction material (including decks and railings) is available in four sleek and stylish designs. Depending on your preferences (and your pocketbook), there’s a Trex or other composite material deck, sturdy, dependable, and also custom-crafted, in your future. Finally, Sarasota living has never been so good!

Choosing the Ideal Deck Construction: Wood You?

For some, it’s a traditional wood decking or nothing! Priority Marine builds decks from pressure-treated lumber with that natural-grain look. It’s resistant to rot and other conditions. Also, depending on what your activity plans include, we’ll make recommendations about the color and style of the best-suited wood. Deck construction is both science and art. A deck for entertaining, for example, cries out for a plank of darker wood – more suited to a cozy, intimate atmosphere. And you’ll want your boat dock extension to match the color and consistency of the dock itself.

Priority Marine Construction uses a wide variety of natural woods. Brazilian Ipe is the dense hardwood we recommended for our boat docks – it’s durable, resistant to termites and fungi, and has that beautiful, timeless look. You might opt for classic Florida softwoods such as cedar or redwood. Should you prefer exotic woods from another corner of the world, we can accommodate you.

Maintaining Your New Deck is a Snap

Whether you choose natural wood or composite for your custom-designed Sarasota deck, the unrelenting Florida heat – not to mention the pummeling, periodic storms – will test its durability. Maintenance, whether it’s low or high – will always be something to think about. As the premier deck construction service in the area, Priority is ready to consult and advise you. Our professionals treat, stain, and prepare the raw materials, of course, but we also know the proper maintenance plans for all types. Consequently, your deck’s beauty and longevity remain assured for the long haul.

Time to Sell Your Sarasota Home?

Here’s something else to consider. Whether you live inland or directly on the water, a deck will not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home; it will increase the property value. Think about it – a prospective buyer is looking for a Sarasota home. A beautiful deck in the backyard, with open, elevated space for entertaining or just relaxing … that’s a much more desirable place. Sold!

Deck Construction by Priority Marine

Deck construction is only one of the many services we provide. Our work is on glorious view from one end of Tampa Bay to the other from docks and boat lifts and boardwalks. With more than 30 years’ construction experience in this area and on its waterways, you know you can rely on Priority Marine to give you exactly what you desire. At Priority, your total satisfaction isn’t just important – it’s a priority!

Let’s get started on turning your deck dreams into a reality! Contact Priority Marine Construction or call at (772) 447-1373.