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Custom Decks | Clearwater | Priority MarineFinding the right deck-building services for your scenic St. Petersburg home is often challenging and frustrating. Many companies offer fantastic services but do not hire the right professionals for the job. This leaves you, the customer, unhappy and with a ridiculous bill. Get it done the correct way and on the first try with help from Priority Marine Construction.

An outdoor area for your home can do wonders to improve your home’s value. It’s a worthy investment that will prove worthwhile when you decide to sell your home. In the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful St. Petersburg weather once you’ve found the right deck building services. Bathe in the sun while enjoying the comforts of your backyard; spend quality time with family and friends with an outdoor cookout; read a good book and enjoy the calm weather; watch the sunset while sharing a nice bottle of wine with your significant other. While you’re waiting for this investment to grow, there are memories to be shared and endless fun to be had!

Decking Services and Materials Offered

There are many people seeking patio services for different reasons. For instance, some people need their current setup resurfaced. This process can be highly cost-effective for you and will give you a patio that looks brand new. Others, however, want all of the deck-building services we offer in St. Petersburg because they wish to create the set they’ve always wanted. By making this improvement, they can improve their homes and increase their value at the same time.

We use a variety of materials to be sure all of your needs have been met. We provide several types of finishes made of wood or composite materials that are in several price ranges. That way, we can guarantee to give you the care and attention you need to make your home the best it can be. Plus, our selection of lumber is perfect for St. Petersburg because our experts have chosen only the best deck building materials for the area. Many of these types of wood are well-suited for use in salt and fresh water and can withstand all that Florida’s unforgiving weather has to offer.

Some of our decking materials include:


Composite materials

To make sure that these structures are robust enough to last through the tests of time, we make sure they’re built tough. Our professionals in St. Petersburg use the best tools and materials for all deck-building jobs and know the current regulations. In fact, they’ll work with you to help get the required permits and contracts needed for your project to get started.

Our expertly engineered structures feature:

Custom Deck Building

You don’t have to limit your creations to the standards of our time. We also offer custom deck building in St. Petersburg so that you can bring your imagination to life. Allow yourself to add something you will truly cherish to your home. Don’t let yourself fall victim to society’s perception. Take hold of what you want, and let us help you make it real. Our services include customized construction and guarantee a solidly built product.

Maybe, you don’t have extravagant ideas, but, instead, need something made for the elderly or disability access. No matter the case, we can surely help! We can install handrails, ramps, and anything else you need to make your backyard enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Priority Marine’s Professional Deck Builders

What are you waiting for? Deck building in St. Petersburg is easier than ever before! At Priority Marine, we make sure to use quality materials and provide top-notch service to satisfy our customers every time. Enjoy your newly improved backyard by letting us do the work for you. We provide several different types of materials and use the best items to construct your projects. Call (727) 447 1373 to speak with a professional today!