Residential Boat Lifts | St. Petersburg | Priority MarineWhen it comes to the beauty of Florida, nothing stands out like the waters. Being able to enjoy the seas and have the water so close to your property can be amazing. Boats are also trendy, and there are hundreds of thousands of licensed boaters in the state.

However, what are you to do if areas of your property cannot properly house your vessel? Many people prefer to have something set up at their residence rather than drive to a marina or a separate dock.

If you are wondering what to do, then you should consider residential boat lifts for your property.

Priority Marine Construction in St. Petersburg provides individuals with a variety of options for their marine construction additions. If you already have a lift for your vessel, it can be difficult to maintain or repair.

However, Priority Marine Construction can assist you with all your installation needs.

Why Priority Marine Construction?

When it comes to finding a marine construction company that can handle your project, you need options. There can be many different variables for installation and what you want in your dock or lifts. In addition, St. Petersburg residents should make sure they work with a group to help answer questions.

The knowledgeable individuals at Priority Marine Construction have years of experience dealing with marine construction and materials. You may have questions such as, what material is best, what are the pros and cons of this type of lift, or how can I protect my property from water?

Priority can work with you to find solutions to your problems and create residential boat lifts you can live without.

In addition, Priority Marine Construction offers dock construction as well. If you find yourself in need of residential boat lifts, look no further than Priority Marine Construction.


When it comes to keeping your property along the water safe, a marine construction company in St. Petersburg can go a long way. There can be many aspects of your dock or property that require precise care and repair. It does not make sense to stress yourself out with it when you can rely on professionals.

Living by a large body of water means that damage and exposure are always factors. By dealing with a professional marine construction company, you can benefit from services including:

St. Petersburg residents have enough on their plate dealing with the hustle, traffic, and blazing sun. You do not need to spend time worrying about your watercraft. Priority Marine Construction offers maintenance and installation services to make sure your dock or lift is up and running.

At Priority Marine Construction, St. Petersburg residents can choose from a variety of vinyl and materials. In addition, the materials used are created to last and look great on your property. Polymer sheet piling is not only environmentally friendly, but it also lasts.

Benefits of Residential Boat Lifts

Dealing with maintaining your watercraft can be a costly experience. However, building your own structures can have many benefits. The main one, of course, is keeping your watercraft safe from the elements.

Barnacles and erosion while stagnant in the water can damage your expensive craft. In addition, storms are not uncommon in St. Petersburg. Instead of having your watercraft suffer damage from winds and exposure, you can have a custom lifting device instead.

Residential boat lifts from Priority Marine Construction can provide you with the help you need. Rather than worry about the quality of materials and other factors, you can rest easy knowing that workers with experience are dealing with your residential boat lifts.

For your St. Petersburg residential boat lift needs, contact Priority Marine Construction at (727) 447-1373 or online.