Dock and Hi Tide Boat LiftIf you own a boat and live in Indian Rocks, Florida, having a residential boat lift will increase the enjoyment you get from your water vehicle. It will save you time, effort, and money, which may be better spent enjoying your time with family or in the Florida sun.

After you come back from your trip on the water, you must store your boat. Your options are wet storage or dry storage. We recommend dry storage on a boat lift. Let us tell you why.

Wet-Storage for your Boat

Firstly, about wet storage; when you store your watercraft in the water, several things could occur in Indian Rocks, namely:

Dry-Storage for Your Boat or Personal Watercraft

If you do not have a residential boat lift, one of the dry-storage options is storing your boat in your driveway in Indian Rocks. There it will take up space and detract from curb appeal. There is also much work involved such as hitching your boat to your vehicle and transporting it to a marina. Once at the marina, there is the challenge of lowering the boat down the ramp. After you have enjoyed your day, there is time in the hot sun reversing the process, not to mention waiting in line at the marina to clean off your boat. This can be a hassle and it can be exhausting. Additionally, there is the fuel cost of hauling your boat or PWC.

We have a better and easier option for you, which offers you numerous benefits.

A Residential Boat Lift for Your Dock in Indian Rocks

Ease and safety for yourself and your boat or PWC

Weather in Florida can be predictably unpredictable, especially during the rainy season or hurricane season. When your boat is stored on a boat lift, it is protected from the tide and bumping against the dock in a storm or windy weather.

A boat lift provides stability, thereby making getting into and out of your boat that much easier and safer for you and your guests. With the flip of a switch, your boat is smoothly lowered into or raised out of the water.

Longevity of your water vehicle

Your residential boat lift in Indian Rocks can extend the life of your boat and its engine. When the hull is out of the water, it is easy to clean. Scum and marine life do not have an opportunity to attach and create damage. A clean hull improves the performance of your vehicle and saves you money on fuel. Adding a canopy to your boat lift package will provide an added layer of protection. This can save paint and upholstery from the elements and the sun, preventing cracking and peeling.

Time and money in your pocket

When you are not spending time cleaning your boat, you can use that time to enjoy your Florida life in Indian Rocks with your friends and family. Investing in a residential boat lift means less wear and tear and damage to your boat. This in turn means that you are not going to spend extra money on extensive cleaning, repairs, parts, and painting of your boat. An additional financial benefit is a value a boat lift adds to your residential property.

All Watercraft Welcome

No matter the size or type of your watercraft, our experts can customize a boat lift to accommodate your water vehicle. Whether it be:

Our Commitment to You

Priority Marine is your residential boat lift expert in the Indian Rocks area. Providing you with unparalleled customer service is our commitment to you. We use the best materials and the latest technologies to meet your exact requirements. We take pride in the high standards of our craftsmanship.

Our professionals can help you determine the best boat lift for your craft. We will consider the size of your craft, dock conditions, and budget. Consult with our skilled, trained, and licensed professionals today. Call us at (727) 447-1373 or contact us on our website. Schedule a free consult and get peace of mind regarding the safety and longevity of your boat docked in Indian Rocks today.

We also offer continuing service to our customers with parts, dock accessories, boat lift maintenance, boat docks, and boardwalks.