No Profile Boat LiftsNo Profile Boat Lifts Tampa, Ellenton, Clearwater, St. Pete No Profile Boat Lifts cannot be compared to traditional lifts because of the unique design and variety of features it offers. The innovative technology has provided a new standard in reliability, safety, and accessibility in the boat lift world. No Profile Boat Lifts can accommodate any watercraft, including powerboats, fishing boats, jet skis, and kayaks. You will know you made the right choice from the first time you access your watercraft from a No Profile Boat Lift!

Why Choose a No Profile Boat Lift? Aside from the fact that it is the most attractive boat lift on the market, it can withstand Florida’s harsh saltwater environment and is mechanically superior to other lifts. Maintenance has never been easier with a No Profile Boat Lift! The need for regular maintenance and greasing are eliminated because of the dual hydraulic cylinder system’s innovative design. This boat lift’s design allows you to easily service, wash and do and general upkeep necessary to your boat. All critical components of the lift, especially the control box and motors, can be disconnected to avoid high tides and storms.

Two models are available, and each has its own unique features and options. The Platform and Cradle Lift’s features and options below will help you decide which lift is right for you.

Platform Lift Standard Features:


Cradle Lift Standard Features:


If you are looking for a boat lift that is safe and easy to access, preserves your waterfront view, and is top of the line, then look no further than a No Profile Boat Lift!

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