Clearwater boaters can be confident that they are taking the best possible care of their watercraft when they invest in Priority Marine’s Hi-Tide boat lifts. That is because a lift ensures that maintenance is hassle-free. With the flick of a switch, our Hi-Tide boat lifts electronically raise the vessel well out of the water, making hull cleaning, scraping, and painting a breeze. Saltwater is a natural corrosive. As a result, your ship’s shafts, props, and other delicate mechanical parts can and will stay tough and endure longer and stronger if they are kept high and dry. When you are not cruising the waves, that is!

The Hi-Tide Difference

Hi-Tide boat lifts are carefully custom-crafted with your watercraft, your dock, your needs, and your budget in mind. A family-owned and operated business, Priority Marine stands proudly behind its work. With 41 years of construction business experience under his tool belt, Owner Bill Templeman launched Priority Marine Construction in Clearwater in 2005.

“I’ve been a boater myself, for 61 years,” he says. “From the Great Lakes to the Bahamas. So I have a familiarity with what people need for their boats and their docks.”

Therefore please tell your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow boaters about us. We love Clearwater and do our part to ensure pleasurable, responsible, and safe boating in its sparkling waterways.

Are Hi-Tide Boat Lifts For You? Most Likely!

Hi-Tide boat lifts are made from corrosion-resistant, marine-grade aluminum, which is lighter than galvanized steel. They are strong and sturdy, with models that can easily hoist a 1,500-pound personal watercraft (like a Jet Ski) up to a king-sized yacht (up to 180,000 pounds).

Docks and moorings come in all shapes and sizes, so, too, do Hi-Tide boat lifts. We can customize the ideal lifting mechanism for your situation. Nothing stands between us. Limited-access dock? Watch where we can go! We will advise whether vertical or elevator-style would better serve you, customizing your gear every step of the way.

Hi-Tide Boat Lifts: An Industry Leader

Established in 1979 in Ft. Pierce, on Florida’s southeastern Atlantic coast, Hi-Tide has become an industry leader because of its innovative lift technology.

“Our target market is waterfront homeowners,” company president Craig Wood told U.S. Builders Review. “We have high-end lines and budget lines. They’re different products, but they serve the same purpose: to get your vessel out of the water when you’re done enjoying it for the day.”

Due to their ease and reliability, Hi-Tide boat lifts are important tools in the recreational mariner’s figurative tackle box. That philosophy extends to Priority Marine Construction, consistently a pioneer in Tampa Bay-area marine construction and supply. Bill Templeman and his 12-person expert staff have boated and fished every channel, trolled every flat, and charted every bay in and around Clearwater. Indeed, he says, “I enjoy being able to make suggestions and adapt the boat owners’ ideas.” That is because it is his home, too.

The reviews have been uniformly outstanding. For example, here is what one Clearwater-area boater (“E.F.”) had to say on Yelp: “Had Priority Marine extend my dock, replace some damaged pilings, set new pilings for a new slip, make enhancements to an existing lift, and install a new 40,000-pound boat lift. They did high-quality work. They followed up and were very easy to work with. Bill Templeman is a seasoned boater who understands his business and is committed to satisfying the customer. He is a pleasure to work with!”

Priority Marine’s Hi-Tide Boat Lifts

Whether you have a powerboat, sailboat, yacht, pontoon, or catamaran in Clearwater, Hi-Tide boat lifts can accommodate you. Ultimately, boarding your party and supplies is a snap when your watercraft is not bobbing and weaving in the water; you can set sail for the Gulf, for Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands, and all points in between with ease. When you return, your vessel will be ready at the flick of a switch.

Furthermore, the benefits will continue even if you decide to take up a new adventure. Whatever your watercraft, its resale value will increase by 15 to 20 percent if you employ a lift. Regarding maintenance costs and time-saving, lifts pay for themselves in no time. In addition, an installed boat lift will add to the ultimate resale value of your Clearwater home. Not that you would ever want to leave this tropical paradise — every boater’s dream!

To learn more about Hi-Tide boat lifts in Clearwater and elsewhere in the Bay area, call Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373.