Boat Lifts | EllentonPriority Marine Construction offers the best boat lifts in Ellenton and Bradenton for boat owners who want quality service at a reasonable price. If you have any watercraft and have yet to invest in a lift, then you have an excellent opportunity to protect your investment by giving us a call. Our employees provide outstanding customer service along with superior craftsmanship, which is the reason why many of our previous clients refer us to their friends and family. Before you cause significant damage to your boat or any other watercraft that you own, consider hiring a professional and have a boat lift installed.

There are many advantages of installing boat lifts in Ellenton and Bradenton, reducing the time needed to keep your boat maintained. With a lift, you can easily keep the underside of your boat cleaned at all times and also protect your boat from harsh weather, bird droppings, or any other filth if you add an overhead covering to your lift. Storing your boat out of the water will be protecting the boat’s hull from any future damage when you use a lift. This will save you money later on by reducing wear and tear, which can be expensive if you have it repaired or have the bottom of the boat repainted. You will be saving money on repairs and increasing the resale value of your boat when you keep it maintained in pristine condition.

By letting a professional install a boat lift, you will be able to enjoy owning a boat rather than having to deal with keeping it clean or in running condition constantly. By hiring Priority Marine Construction, you can have a hi-tide or no profile boat lifts in Ellenton installed quickly with no stress placed upon you. Your boat will look brand new all year long, allowing you to be able to spend more time with family and friends rather than using your weekend up scrubbing and cleaning your boat. Occasionally, the bilge pump can go bad and fail on a vessel, resulting in a boat sinking at the dock. This is the cause for many sunken boats and can be prevented easily by having the professionals at Priority Marine install your boat lift.

At Priority Marine Construction, we specialize in hi-tide boat lifts, the gold standard with the materials and techniques used in this type of lift. Hi-Tide lifts are perfect for any watercraft that you may own; they can lift anything from a jet ski, a speed boat to a large yacht. Hi-Tide lifts come in three different categories of lifts to choose from, which all have their unique features. We are also experienced in building no-profile boat lifts, which is an attractive option and efficient when trying to clean your boat by providing easy accessibility to the bottom portion of your boat. No profile lifts come in two different types; the cradle and the platform lift, which is specific depending on what fits your watercraft best. All of our boat lifts in Ellenton are backed by product liability insurance and guaranteed to last. To ensure that all of our boat lifts are supported by high-quality workmanship, our employees approve each lift after installation.

If you have any questions or need more information on hi-tide and no-profile boat lifts in Ellenton and Bradenton, feel free to call Priority Marine. We are the trusted source in boat docks, lifts, and decks. Call Today At (727) 447-1373!