Boat Lifts | Personal WatercraftAt Priority Marine Construction, we specialize in the custom boat lift installations that Indian Rocks boat owners trust. We provide the ideal boat lift solutions that will address your specific needs. Here’s what to look for when considering your next boat lift.

Your boat is your pride and joy. It provides the ultimate getaway opportunity so you can set out on the water to find some peace and well-deserved downtime. Owning a boat comes with its perks; that much is true. However, owning a boat can prove to be a bit of a challenge without the right equipment. Without proper care and equipment, your boat is at risk for costly damages. As well, when your boat isn’t taken care of, it can interfere with its performance.

One of the best tools for boat owners is a boat lift. They are designed to keep your hull clean, improving your boat’s speed and efficiency. Boat lifts also protect your boat from waves and wakes while stopping corrosion from setting in. While a boat lift requires an investment up front, it saves you money in the long run. Maintenance is improved, and you also reduce the risk of damaging your boat when it comes time to place it in or remove it from the water.


We recommend polyethylene tanks, as they tend to be more impact resistant. Your tank should allow you to attach hardware above the waterline because this is the best way to prevent corrosion.


The best hydropneumatic boat lifts use high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) air pumps. This pump ensures you have quicker raising and lowering that is smooth and quiet.


When it comes to frames, it’s all about support and durability. We recommend cast-steel, galvanized pivot points in our frames. It’s also important that the frame and metalwork are put together with through-bolts as they are far more durable and sturdier than setscrews.

Water Depth

Because our boat lift installations Indian Rock boat owners request to use customized designs, we can consider shallow water, low roof clearance, or tops and towers when building your lift. These issues often call for broader, shorter floats. We will customize these features to ensure a perfect fit and easy operation.

Calm vs. Rough Waters

We always assess the location of your dock, as the water in your area will dictate the hardware and fittings we should use. Calmer waters save you money, while rough waters become more costly. This is because you need different hardware and fitting considerations to increase stability. We don’t want to waste your money if your dock is relatively calm.

Boat Type

The type of boat is an obvious consideration since every boat is different. That’s why customization is always a better choice. For example, if your boat has a V-hull, then you need a standard lift. However, multihulls like pontoon boots and catamarans need customized lifts as the lift must support both hulls and pontoons. We can easily do this affordably and effectively.


The size and weight of your boat are a major factor in choosing the best boat life. Boat lifts can lift from about 4,400-pounds to luxury yachts weighing 60,000 pounds. We design your boat lift to suit your boat’s exact weight to ensure it can handle the work.


All the above will factor into the price of your boat life. We consider everything specific to your needs and adjust our custom boat life installation Indian Rocks boat owners require to meet your needs.

Why Use Custom Boat Lift Installations Indian Rocks Boat Owners Trust?

When you look at the list of factors to consider when buying a boat lift, it’s easy to see that customization might not only be best but also necessary for many boat owners. We can ensure your boat lift is of the highest quality to keep your boat safe. Custom boat lifts also:

While you might find a boat lift that meets your basic needs, if you want to maintain your boat and protect it from damage, a customized boat lift is the way to go.

If you’re looking for custom boat lift installations Indian Rocks boat owners trust, the team at Priority Marine Construction is ready to help. Call us today at (727) 447-1373 or contact us online.