Boat Lifts Contractors

Boat Lifts | Personal WatercraftThe quality boat lift you’ve been dreaming of for your Bradenton home can be a reality with help from the boating professionals at Priority Marine. Letting your watercraft sit in the water while the hot Florida sun rays hit causes them to suffer erosion and damages that can be costly to fix.

Instead, you can save money and spend more time out on the water by installing a lift. Our knowledgeable staff has been a part of the Bradenton community for 30 years, and they are just as passionate about boating as you are.  Their high-quality work and dedication to leaving you completely happy with the results will leave you loving the new addition to your property. Priority Marine also offers follow-up support for parts, accessories, and maintenance. They will never leave you high and dry; they will help you store your boat that way.

Boat Health and Convenience

Several things can happen if you leave a watercraft in the water for long periods of time.

Storing your craft in the water often leads to frequent and costly repair of your props, shafts, and overdrives. If you do not wash the bottom frequently, the buildup of barnacles and algae can cause resistance, slowing your top speed down. Putting your boat up will also make it much easier to clean it after use—no more finagling with car trailers and spending hours baking in the hot Florida sun.

The experts at Priority Marine Construction also have the solution for taking care of your jet skis and wave runners. Install a vertical boat lift and never have difficulty adjusting the height to clean around your engine.

Finding the Best Fit

If you’re convinced that adding a boat lift to your Bradenton property would make for a happier and healthier boating experience, schedule a consultation with the Priority Marine experts. They will consider the size of your watercraft, budget, and the dock conditions to ensure that you are making the right decision. At Priority Marine, there are three main different types of amenities we can install on your property.

  1. Hi-tide: These are the most versatile and the most popular installed in Bradenton. They can handle any size watercraft, and many of their features, including speed and materials, can be customized to fit your needs, from cable wire type to high or low speeds. Hi-tide boat lifts can be in elevator or vertical form, depending on your existing dock.
  2. No-Profile: This may be the solution for you if you are looking for a stylish and ultra-convenient way of storing and maintaining any size watercraft. The No-Profile is superior to other types because it uses hydraulic cylinder systems to eliminate the maintenance and greasing you get with cable wire systems. Your craft sits on a smooth catwalk that is lowered into the water.
  3. PWC lifts and docks: Your PWC’s need some loving too. Built-in a similar way to hi-tide lifts, PWC boat lifts take away the need for heavy strain and labor.

Priority Marine is your one-stop-shop for purchasing and installing a boat lift for your Bradenton property. They will always make sure you are comfortable and happy with the work being done and know how to use your new system properly. Every installation is backed by product insurance, and an engineer inspects every project before we get started.  Boating is more than a hobby, so treat your equipment right and build a lift to keep them out of harm’s way.

Call us at (727)-447-1373 if you are interested in an estimate or have any questions!