Boat Lifts | St PeteBoat lift installation is a crucial component to any seaside resident in St. Petersburg. Lifts allow your seafaring vessels to stay safe, clean, secure, and manageable. At Priority Marine Construction, we offer additional support for parts, accessories and provide continuous maintenance for your satisfaction. With St. Petersburg’s varied weather and tropical storms, your water vehicle must be stationed in dry docks. Built to withstand, designed to impress, and installed to satisfy, we promise you will love your new lift.

Why Install a Boat Lift in St. Petersburg?

Humidity, changing tides, abundant, stormy weather, high winds, and overgrown sea life—Florida is filled with opportunities for your boat to experience damage. Leaving it in the water for long periods makes it more susceptible to this wear and tear. Hire one of our professionals to handle your boat lift installation in St Petersburg to:

With Priority Marine’s construction services, you can:

A clean hull provides better drive times, saving you money on fuel, and dry storage ensures minor overall damage, saving you time and money. You will also spend less on painting and cleaning since there will be minor damage to attend to.

No matter your needs, we have the solution and the options available for boat lift installation. Our custom selections will awe your neighbors and guests. Dock in style and cruise with ease by calling Priority Marine today.

Types of Boat Lift Installation Services

Our lifts can be mounted dockside and installed to match your boat of choice. At Priority Marine Construction, we sell several unique options. We primarily work with Hi-Tide products because we have experienced their outstanding quality and craftsmanship when it comes to boat lift installation.

Some of the most noteworthy features of Hi-Tide products include:

Hi-Tide has a broad range of selections for customers to choose from. Four favorites of our clients in St. Petersburg include Cuda Gear Drive (the most economical option), Hi-Tide Gear Drive® (the classic choice), Hi-Tide X2 Gear Drive® (the heavy-weight option with a weight capacity of up to 30,000 pounds), and Hi-Tide T2 Topless® X2 (the high-speed option). With features like enclosed belt drives, aluminum bunks, and painted stainless steel electric motors, it is no wonder why so many of our clients ask for Hi-Tide for their boat lift installation. Included accessories range from remote controls to limit switches, boathouse brackets, marina brackets, bunk riser brackets, tunnel hull brackets, adjustable height pivoting chock brackets, and more. From keel pads with sailboat stanchion and angled lifter beams to flare guides, cradle stabilizers, and aluminum drive shaft covers, we offer it all.

When Is the Best Time for Boat Lift Installation in St. Petersburg?

If you have been wondering if you should add a unique docking space for your watercraft to your seaside escape, then call us today. Whether you have a:

We can help you with expert boat lift installation that makes your life so much easier.

No matter the size, we can work with you to customize everything from the dock to the gear. Ready to take your docks and harbors to the next level? Consult with our skilled, trained, and licensed professionals today at (727) 447-1373. We are ready to transform your home away from home in St. Petersburg!