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Dunedin Custom Dock w/ LiftIf you are looking for reliable and professional Ellenton dock builders, Priority Marine is the right marine construction contractor for you. With over 30 years of dock building experience, we have made it our personal mission to exceed the expectations of our customers who are looking for a more convenient and aesthetically appealing way to handle all their boat needs. As a Florida resident, you know that taking care of your boat is extremely important if you want to consistently maximize the leisure and enjoyment that comes with owning a boat.

Whether you live in Clearwater, Tampa Bay, or St Pete, having a boat is a priceless amenity that comes with many benefits. From entertaining guests to having a relaxing afternoon to go fishing, having the right boat dock is imperative because, while you may frequently use your boat, chances are the majority of the boat’s time is spent at the dock. You want to make sure the dock is properly designed, attractive, and equipped with everything required to keep the watercraft in the best condition possible.

At Priority Marine, we offer a wide variety of pre-designed docks. However, if you are not particularly interested in any of those, we also offer custom-designed docks for Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and St Pete to tailor to meet your every requirement. Ellenton dock builders have many factors to consider when designing and building a dock, all of which Priority Marine will do exceptionally by paying adamant attention to detail. Proper placement and installation of the dock pilings are important because they are the foundation for keeping the dock in place and ensuring that it is there to last. It is also important to factor in the water depth and profile of your property. Our staff is highly trained, skilled, and knowledgeable. They all possess the tools and equipment needed to design and install a high-quality dock.

Our Ellenton dock builders also know that appearance is important. That is why we use high-quality products that will not fade away or fail you but are also attractive in appearance. Two of the main products we use for dock building are Southern Pine Lumber, which is highly resistant to harsh weather and the strongest of its kind, and Trex, which is made up of plastic and wood fibers durable and resistant to weather and insects. All of the products we use are low maintenance and built to last.

Florida is a serene place to live and if you are lucky enough to own a boat- make sure you are doing everything in your power to take care of it. The benefits of having a boat are extensive, but the upkeep and maintenance are not always easy. That is where Priority Marine comes in. We want to make your job as a boat owner as simple as possible.

Call the Ellenton dock builders at Priority Marine Construction for pre-designed or custom docks! (727) 447-1373.