Ellenton Boat Dock Construction

Saltwater Boat DocksPriority Marine has over 30 years of experience with Ellenton boat dock construction. When you own a watercraft, it’s a long-term investment. Make sure yours has the surroundings and access it deserves. With a dock, you can connect your yard and your boat with a safe and level debarkation area. A well-built platform can provide excellent protection from hull scratches with rubber bumpers. It can also provide a lovely place to shade from the damaging effects of the sun with a canopy.

Living in Florida, a boat is a must-have to enjoy all our lovely waterways. A craft comes with many benefits; it’s a lovely way to travel along the rivers and waters of Florida. A yacht can be used as a weekend party retreat for you and your friends. A fishing trawler lets you enjoy a relaxing day on the river, waiting for a fish to bite. No matter what you use your craft for, it would be best if you had a well-constructed bay to house your priceless vessel and one of our quality Ellenton boat docks to keep it safe. If you’re looking for professional, quality service, look no further than Priority Marine of Ellenton, St Pete, Bradenton, Clearwater, and surrounding areas. We have years of experience with local ordinances and building materials to ensure your construction will last for years. We know how to make your Ellenton boat dock construction project perfect.

Among the many factors to consider when constructing such a structure is the piling. Many people don’t think about the pilings, but they are so important. Improperly installed, it will collapse, leading to property damage and possible injury. The sea ground can affect the type of materials used in the pilings. At Priority Marine, we know what material is best for each environment. Such an installation can adversely alter the environment for aquatic life. When we install the foundation of your dock, we will be sure to follow the local ordinances regarding protecting marine life.

Priority Marine Construction knows how important your quay is. We use only the highest quality materials; long-lasting and attractive. We have wood, and for those who want low maintenance materials, we have wood substitutes. Of our many alternatives, they are guaranteed again warping, staining, and splintering. Trex is made from recycled materials and will not rot. It doesn’t require painting or staining and is low maintenance. Azek is resistant to mold and mildew; always a possibility near water. Our supplies are designed to be long-lasting and weather resistant. When built by us, boat docks will last.

Priority Marine Construction offers many specialized accessories to make your waterfront a safer place. We provide everything you need for your dock. In addition to building the perfect surface for you, we also have fixtures. Rubber bumpers protect your boat’s finish from scratches when arriving. Cleats are a necessity for securing. A floating platform connected to the main body offers a wonderful launching point for swimming. Owning and maintaining a platform will be much safer with safety railings and lights. Safety railings can be tailored for your needs to beautify the structure better. Surface lights will offer security and safety during nighttime activities, while underwater lights help prevent collisions during moorings.

For all your Ellenton boat dock construction requirements, call us today to speak with an expert. We have years of experience in providing professional, courteous construction. No matter the type of anchorage you need, we can build it. Our experts keep us up to date on local and state ordinances regarding marine construction. We can create a lovely dock that retains a minimal impact on any aquatic life. For a decade, we have had satisfied customers. Let us build something for you in Ellenton, Clearwater, St Pete, Bradenton, or a surrounding Florida area! (727) 447-1373.