Dock Repairs | St Petersburg | Priority MarineBoat docks are consistently exposed to sunlight, moisture, changes in temperature, and inclement weather. These factors combined can have an impact on the overall health of your jetty over time. Things like functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal can be affected if time and energy are not occasionally focused on dock repairs. Wharf owners in St. Petersburg have several components to assess when maintaining their investment.

Commonly Damaged Parts

At first glance, a pier may not seem like much, but there are a deceiving number of components to consider besides the obvious wood decking. Though the deck requires regular care, other portions, such as barrels and rope beneath a floating dock, may require a more technical approach and might be less accessible. For example, repairing a float will run you approximately a few hundred dollars in the St. Petersburg area and usually requires a professional touch. For metal pipes, posts, and various sub-structural elements, repairs typically run a bit higher, ranging from $300-$400 (conservatively). Additions like roofing, bumpers, and boat lifts can sometimes require supplemental dock repair work. Although time-consuming, deck work is fairly simple when compared to dock repairs.

Reasons for Repair

As mentioned above, wharfs normally need regular fixing up for a number of reasons. Depending on the length and build of your jetty, the average cost of fixing a permanent structure is around two hundred dollars. Nearly all pier types have sections that are continuously exposed to water, which can be rough on concrete, metal, and wood alike. Storm damage is another normal issue, especially in the St. Petersburg area. The hurricanes that wreak havoc in our region often bring the need for dock repairs to the frame after the storm has cleared. Fixing the framing usually runs from $200 to $300, although it depends on the extent of the damage.

Dry rot can do damage to both posts and wood decking over time. Docks that include motorized add-ons (boat lifts) will inevitably need improvements as well. Like anything else with a motor, extensive maintenance must be performed and parts need replacing in order to keep everything running efficiently.

Regular Maintenance That Helps Minimize Dock Repairs

Regular maintenance is the solution for minimizing the need for costly dock repairs. One important thing that can be done to extend the life of your pier is to occasionally apply a sealant to the wood. Doing so will significantly reduce weather damage because the protective coating applied to the wood helps keep moisture out. Costs will vary greatly depending on the product used. Similarly, replacing any wooden pieces with pressure-treated lumber or just building the entire deck from treated lumber is a sound investment, though it will carry a hefty price tag considering its quality build. A recurrent pressure wash between coats of sealant will help remove any unwanted mildew as well as other harmful substances. The standard cost to get your wharf professionally pressure washed is around $1 per square foot.

Making sure to check on the condition of all metal parts regularly is advisable in order to spot the beginnings of corrosion, rust, and other problems. Nuts, bolts, and screws can sometimes work themselves loose over a length of time and may require tightening. Moving parts and hinges require the occasional lubrication to ensure they operate smoothly and last longer. If you prefer bright components, such as screws and other hardware, you may want to consider rust protection, especially with the levels of humidity experienced in St. Petersburg. If left unattended, rust can quickly consume your brighter metals. Additional maintenance for boat lifts should include checking all moving parts for signs of wear and periodically cleaning the motor.

Let Priority Marine Handle Your Dock Repairs

A boat jetty is an integral part of any property and must be repaired and maintained to help retain its value. Waiting until your pier in St. Petersburg needs to be fixed will cost you more in the long run. It is better to carry out maintenance on a regular basis for the best results.

As a member of the Florida Marine Contractor’s Association, Priority Marine handles projects of all sizes. In addition to our dock repairs, we also cover the installation of wharfs, Ellenton boat dock construction & lifts. For professional dock repair in St. Petersburg, call us today at (727)447-1373.