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Custom Boat DocksFor over 30 years Priority Marine has provided the most attractive and durable boat docks in Bradenton and surrounding areas.  Every structure is custom designed for each of our clients so that not only does it adhere to the individual tastes of our customers, but works best with the landscape, tidal fluctuation, water depth, and specific property features.

We provide:

The Best Bradenton Boat Docks

If you believe in superior craftsmanship above all else, then believe in us.  Through our commitment to quality, and always providing superior service to our customers, we’ve become the industry leaders for boat dock construction.  And since even the best-designed structures rely heavily on the material they’re constructed with, we use only the most durable and reliable options for all of our structures:

Why own a boat dock in Bradenton?

Living in Florida provides the fantastic opportunity to experience the outdoors all year long.  If you own a waterside property in Bradenton and do not have a boat dock, there is a long list of reasons that you should consider one.  This addition can be designed and built to fit the needs of your lifestyle and can function as a sunny outdoor patio, or even a gazebo out over the water.  Easy and immediate water access right at your backdoor is good for everyone, no matter what kind of lifestyle you live:


Do you prefer to fish from the shore, or out on the open water?  Taking a fishing trip doesn’t have to be an all-day event that you plan in advance.  Instead of driving your vessel down to the ramp, you can walk out back and fish for an hour or two if that’s all the time you have, then come home.

Recreation and water sports/activities

If you own a sports boat, jet skis, or just like to go tubing, you should be able to go out any day of the week, whenever you want.  With the addition of a mechanical or automated lift, you can store your vessel up and out of the water, right on your dock.  This way, it’s safe and ready for use at a moment’s notice.  We offer many different versions:  From a simple lift to a covered housing to store your craft.

Socialite and entertainer

Having a deck out over the water is an ideal place to host parties or simply entertain friends and family.  You can choose a small deck just big enough for a couple of lounge chairs or an elaborate tropical getaway with a gazebo, bar, and seating for 40.

Swimmer or kids

From triathlon trainers to kids’ birthday parties, boat docks create safe access to and from the water.  High sea walls and sharp oyster and barnacle growth can make entering and exiting the water dangerous for swimmers. Fixed Ladders and stairs provide easy entry and exit from the water, whether it’s for fun or emergencies.  Also, the added distance you can gain from the shoreline provides the perfect jumping point.

Outdoor and Nature Enthusiasts

Whether you enjoy lounging outside to take in the sun, reading a good book in the shade, or nature watching for manatees, dolphins, and other animals; boat docks can provide the perfect location.  They also serve as a fantastic launch for both canoes and kayaks, so you can get out there and explore!

At Priority Marine the environment is very important to us.  That’s why we constantly strive to make the smallest impact on nature while bringing you closer to it.  If you’re in need of a boat dock in the Bradenton area, call us now for a free consultation at (727) 447-1373.