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Boat House Construction

Florida receives a lot of sunlight each year. This is one of the biggest attractions for the state. The downside is that the sun’s UV rays can be very damaging to your boat’s fiberglass, gel coating and upholstery. Oxidation brought on by the damaging rays produce a flat discoloration. Over time, the sun can weaken the integrity of your boat’s construction. Boat house construction can make a big difference.

With our professional boat house construction services, we can help keep your boat protected. A quality watercraft enclosure or boat house can shield your boat from the elements. Keep your investment clean and looking new for many years.

Boat Lifts

An often overlooked element that can damage your watercraft is salt water and sea life. These elements can speed up the corrosive properties of water. They attack materials and quickly cause oxidation which can discolor and weaken the composite materials your boat is made of.

Sea creatures like barnacles can attach themselves to your boat’s hull. The natural cement these crustaceans create to hold on can take its toll on your boat’s gel coating leaving the hull unprotected. Barnacles can also create drag in the water, which can decrease your vessel’s performance. The cost to remove these pesky creatures each year can add up and can be a damaging process as well. Coupling boat house construction with a boat lift will keep your craft protected from above and below the water’s surface!

In addition to our boat house construction, Priority Marine offers a wide range of services for avid boaters in Tampa Bay. These services include dock construction and repair, decking, and accessories. Call Priority Marine Construction today at (727) 447-1373 to find out how we can help you enjoy the waterways of Florida.