Boat Docks Tampa Bay

Boat Docks | ClearwaterCustomized boat docks can provide excellent shelter for your watercraft during the harsh hurricane season. One of the best luxuries of living in the Tampa Bay area is owning waterfront property.  Another luxury is having access to nearly year-round sailing. The downside of Florida living is that harsh weather can often cause damage to expensive properties such as sailboats, fishing boats, and other watercraft.

At Priority Marine, we know which solutions work best for the environment in which you live, so we build sturdy, high-quality structures for area residents. Our units are built to ensure full protection from UV rays and weathering, so you can enjoy your investments for years to come.

Types of Boat Docks

Docking your boat shouldn’t be a hassle. We offer different types of structures to provide you with convenient access and weather protection for your watercraft. At Priority Marine of Tampa Bay, we specialize in three types of boat docks: standing, wheel-in, and floating.

Building Material Choices

Choosing the right materials for your structure isn’t easy because it requires a lot of future consideration. Wood, composite, and cellular PVC materials all come with unique considerations. Do you want something that costs a lot upfront? Are you willing to commit to required maintenance over time? Know what you’re getting into before you commit to material for your structure.

Because wood is the only natural option, it is the most budget-friendly upfront for boat docks. However, maintenance costs to treat the wood for pests and weathering over time will cost money, which is an important consideration.

Although composite and cellular PVC are engineered materials and are more expensive, they are highly desirable among people who don’t want to spend long-term maintenance costs. They are naturally resistant to the rot, pests, and UV rays prevalent in the Tampa Bay area.

No matter what material you choose, there are various options for gorgeous finishing and styles to suit your preferences.

Available Boat Dock Accessories

Priority Marine offers custom accessories to enhance the functionality of boat docks for residents who chose to build them on their Tampa Bay waterfront properties.

Some of the most important accessories to consider investing in are as follows:

About Priority Marine’s Services

When you require marine construction services, look no further than Priority Marine. For more than 30 years, we have been offering Tampa Bay residents durable boat docks, lifts, decks, and more, and we stand behind the quality of our work.

Our staff is active in the boating and marine life community. We know exactly what customers need for ultimate durability and usability. Our personal and professional experience makes us local industry leaders. We understand environmental challenges as well as the personal preferences many fishers and sailors possess.

If you are a Tampa Bay resident and are looking at boat docks, decks, and other marine construction services, give Priority Marine a call today (727) 447-1373. OR contact us online here, and we will get back to you asap.