Boat Docks in Tampa Bay

The Best Dock Contractors in Tampa Bay | Priority MarineGet your Tampa Bay waterfront property ready for the impending weather change with specially designed boat docks from Priority Marine. We have been a staple business in this industry for over 30 years and are proud of the feedback we have received. Our customers rave and appreciate the expert knowledge and performance they get from coming to us.

Due to our impeccable professionalism and outstanding results, the Better Business Bureau has awarded us an A-rating. We understand marine construction and Florida’s notoriously pesky weather. That is why we guarantee the longevity and durability of everything we build, including our boat docks. Get the top-quality assistance you deserve and add something wonderful to your home in Tampa Bay.

Why Install Boat Docks?

There are endless benefits that come with the installation of a boat dock. Some of them include:

Recreational Rendezvous Spot

The most notable asset that many families rave about is the transformation of your backyard. By simply attaching boat docks to existing waterfront property in Tampa Bay, you can revamp the yard into a recreational hotspot for the entire family to enjoy year-round. Imagine having the whole family over during holidays and enjoying each other’s company right in the comfort of your lawn. Your kids will be excited to hang out with their friends on the deck soaking up the sun or fishing.

Perhaps, instead, you own commercialized land and want to capitalize on nearby waters; we have the accomplished professionals you need. Get rid of the old structure where your valued patrons are forced to sit on lumpy, uncomfortable chairs. With a little collaboration, we can create beautifully designed boat docks that will leave your Tampa Bay customers breathless.

Profitable Return on Investment

The second most mentioned benefit that our boat docks provide is their large return on investment. These structures can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to build because of Florida’s, particularly harmful weather. Thus, it is imperative to use specific types of material meant to withstand the many manifestations of Mother Nature’s temper.

The seemingly hefty amount spent to construct this piece is quickly forgotten because of the significantly profitable return on investment. Many Tampa Bay residents enjoy hobbies centered on the water, which makes boat docks an important factor when picking a house. Hence, the addition of them gives your home a powerful advantage over the competition when your home is on the market. Also, it is very easy to add a lift to an already existing dock, which further increases the value of your property.

Protect Your Watercraft

These structures also allow you to better protect your watercraft from the various elements that will harm it. Many choose to add a lift to their existing docks for their boat to rest above the lake. This is important for a number of reasons, including protection from:

Marine life can be quite detrimental to the hull of your watercraft. The build-up of bacteria and algae can cause its performance to degrade until removed. Removing them, however, is tiring and tedious work that will require hours of your time.

The water in Tampa Bay is also harmful because the waves will cause your vessel to rock back and forth. During this time, it may be scraping against rocks or other things hidden beneath the surface. Saltwater will also erode the paint, and can even cause some rotting. By installing a boat dock, and eventually a boat lift, to your Tampa Bay home, you can avoid these problems for good.

Priority Marine – Premium Maritime Construction

Getting your home ready for the upcoming sunny weather has never been easier. We provide top-notch services and exceptional build quality for all of your marine construction needs. Let us turn your home into a recreational hotspot while ensuring a profitable return on your investment. Give us a call today at (727) 447-1373 or contact us online and speak with one of our highly qualified professionals.