Boat Docks St. Petersburg

Waterfront property owners in St. Petersburg have an incontestable scenic view available to them anytime they want. At Priority Marine, we specialize in boat docks and other solutions that can transform the great viewpoint into a real piece of paradise. With our high-quality constructions, afternoons in the shining sun with decks and lounging chairs will be yours to enjoy.

Why Would You Want A Boat Dock?

Boat Docks | St. Petersburg

Boat docks offer the perfect space to relax and enjoy the Florida weather. They also bring many advantages to homeowners and particularly boat owners, who will appreciate their practicality. Aside from the aesthetics aspect of the construction, by building a boat dock on your St. Petersburg property, you give swimmers in your family a safe and easy way to access the water.

Similarly, owners will find the addition can facilitate taking their boat out on the water. Priority Marine will create a perfect installation that will allow you to have more time on the water. This is because all you will need to do is untie and lower the vessel.

With this new addition, you will no longer have to worry about finding a parking space at the local ramp or waiting in line at a busy marina. Your boat is ready when you are! Even if you don’t want to use your new boat dock for swimming or boating, it will always be a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy the view with a comfy chair and ice-cold drink.

Our Constructions

At Priority Marine, we know each home needs a customized solution that will fit the family’s landscape, location, and specific needs.

Our builders will only use the best materials available on the market to provide each of our customers with unparalleled quality. Because of the humidity of St. Petersburg, we choose materials that are most suited for our Florida weather. Typically utilizing either Southern Pine Lumber or Brazilian Walnut hardwood for our Tampa Bay constructions. After proper sanding and treatment, we can guarantee an amenity that receives proper care can last for decades.

Materials Used For Boat Docks

There is a lot to consider when choosing a material for your dock. Aesthetically speaking, most would choose the wood option. Wood creates a classic outdoorsy look to your dock. Furthermore, it looks nearly impossible to recreate. That’s why it feels worth the extra maintenance required to prevent rotting or splinters. Make sure you’re using treated lumber to get the best results.

If you have children or expect a lot of wear and tear on your dock, composite PVC decking may be the best option. This material is stain and scratch-resistant, perfect for the little ones. Also beneficial to the parents, requiring very low maintenance, you’ll have time for the more important things. In addition to low maintenance, the color is exceptionally long-lasting. The colors will not fade.

Additional Services

We are proud to offer other additional services to position ourselves as your one-stop-shop for anything relating to your boat dock, including

We also specialize in other marine constructions such as boat lifts and more. With our work, your home will have everything it needs to stay safe in any situation. Your vessel will be protected from the water of the inter-coastal and the Gulf.

When you hire Priority Marine, know that our company takes the time to meet all local construction codes assuring you to stay away from legal issues. With over 30 years of experience, we can confidently say that our work around Tampa Bay has led us to become a leading business in the St. Petersburg area.

Priority Marine Custom Boat Docks

The reason our constructions are so well adapted to our client’s needs is that we take the time to understand exactly what their wishes are. Also, our team is made up of boaters who know firsthand what qualities a good dock must-have. No matter the type of project you bring us, we will find an innovative solution that will satisfy you completely. If you have been thinking about adding a boat dock to your St. Petersburg waterfront property, wait no longer. Give us a call today at (727) 447-1373 to find out how we can help you. Or contact us online here. Our staff will be glad to discuss the various options you have and guide you all along the process to ensure you get precisely what you want.