Boat Docks Tampa Bay

Boat Docks Tampa BayTampa Bay residents are blessed with beautiful waterfront properties and spend a lot of time enjoying them thanks to boat docks. It’s essential that these constructions are built to stand up to severe weather and rough waters in addition to regular wear and tear. At Priority Marine, we know that you want to have the best boating experience possible, and you have to have the right resources to do so. We will work with you to customize and plan the perfect design that meets all of your needs; you’ll be able to enjoy your waterfront for years to come.

Saltwater Boat Docks

Saltwater can be harsh on boat docks because of its pH level. When you’re fishing or getting ready to sail out in Tampa Bay, you want to be sure that your saltwater boat dock is sturdy. Saltwater will erode untreated materials, so you’ll need to have a structure that is composed of the hardiest materials possible. Erosion and salt eat away at the poles and legs of a pier, so proper maintenance is necessary to prevent collapse. A fabrication with the correct sealant and treatment will be able to withstand rough waters and salty seas.

Freshwater Boat Docks

Freshwater boat docks are common in Tampa Bay because of our proximity to the Hillsborough River and other freshwater sources. Although freshwater is less abrasive than saltwater, it’s still important to have sturdy, long-lasting support for your structure. Saltwater or freshwater, we’ll be able to determine the best materials for your project by visiting the site. We’ll then be able to help you design and plan your pier; “T”-shaped, fisherman, harbor, port harbor, sun patio, and port patios are all popular shapes that you may choose.

Materials We Use

Using the highest quality of materials is essential for boat docks due to the wear and tear they undergo. Our Tampa Bay clients love the selection of top-rated materials we have to offer. For your wharf, you may select from many different types of materials like composites, woods, or PVCs as your base component.

Composites, Woods, and PVCs

One of the most popular choices is Trex, a composite made from recycled materials such as plastics, reclaimed wood, and sawdust. Those elements are processed and formed into a high-quality, high-performance decking material. Trex and other composites are great for both fresh and saltwater because they:

Compared to rarer, more expensive woods like greenheart, composites like Aztek are a bargain. Trex is made from 95% recycled materials, has a protective shell and deep wood grain, and comes in more than twelve colors. Tampa Bay residents love that they don’t have to worry about their boat docks warping or splitting thanks to these innovative materials. Spend more time on the high seas and less time slaving away over staining, priming, and cleaning your pier with the help of composites.

Some boaters prefer a more “traditional” aspect of wood and only want the finest wood decking. We have a supply of pressure-treated lumber that will stand up to the elements and provide years of beauty.


Sturdiness and structure are the most important aspects of boat docks. Here at Priority Marine, we make sure each construction is solid and durable by using:

Our constructions are built to last, and we can work with you to ensure that each project meets or exceeds the building requirements for your Tampa Bay homeowners association or other regulatory agency.

Priority Marine’s Customized Designs

All of our clients’ needs are unique, and we specialize in creating boat docks that are built just for you. We are familiar with zoning and wake restrictions in Tampa Bay, because we’ve lived, worked, and boated here for over 30 years! We can design your structure to include elements like lighting, fenders, cleats, pilings, piling caps, seating, storage, and fish-cleaning stations. You can choose from a floating or stationary platform, as well as other features like railings, ladders, and more. We can build your pier to perfectly accommodate your watercraft and any other vehicles like jet skis.

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At Priority Marine, we understand how important boating is to our customers. We’ve sailed through every bay, canal, river, and lake in the Tampa Bay. From local wake zones to state ordinances, we are up to date on marine construction regulations. As part of our initiative to remain innovative we participate in marine expos across the state and are proud members of the Florida Marine Contractors Association. If you are interested in boat docks or our other services like boardwalks or boat lifts, call us at (727) 447-1373 today.