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Custom Boat Dock Accessories | Priority MarineAt Priority Marine we know how valuable your boat is to you. How important useful different accessories can be to maintaining its convenience. Docking your boat should not be a hassle. With the right accessories, you should be confident that your boat is not only docked properly but is also safe. If you want to customize your boat dock in Tampa Bay, Ellenton, Clearwater, Bradenton or St Pete call us today for a quote.

Whether you are looking to add custom boat dock accessories to your pre-existing dock or to add them to the design of your dock, Priority Marine will be able to meet your needs. Two of the most important accessories for you to have on your dock are boat cleats and bumpers. Having boat cleats on your dock will allow you to secure your boat to the dock with ease. Boat bumpers are meant to protect your boat from the side of the dock. Without bumpers, your boat will be susceptible to scratches and other damage from the dock. This can end up being very costly for you.

We have a wide variety of systems to keep your boat safely away from your boat dock during storms, high tides, and high winds in the Gulf Coast waters around Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Pete, and Ellenton. We also offer slipcovers and canopies for your boats’ protection. Because of the sunny weather in Florida, your boat is very vulnerable to damages. Having your boat in the harsh sun for extended periods of time can cause the exterior and interior color to fade. It can also damage the upholstery of your boat.

Timberguard Piling with Dock AccessoriesThere are many safety hazards to be aware of while on a boat dock. However, Priority Marine offers many custom boat dock accessories that will make your dock a safer place for you and others. Ladders, lighting, and gangways will not only make your dock safer but also easier to navigate. Gangways will allow you to have easy access between your boat and custom dock. Why risk jumping to and from the dock and injuring yourself? Priority Marine will build a gangway to fit the size of your dock and boat.

The installation of ladders on your dock will provide a quick, easy and safe way in and out of the water. Priority Marine can install custom lighting in and out of the water for dock owners in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Pete, Bradenton, and Ellenton. Having lighting both in the water and out of the water will allow you to see everything. When you’re trying to dock your boat at night and avoiding colliding with the dock and avoid other safety hazards. The wide variety of dock lights we have available can reflect your personal style. Making your dock an extension of the style of your home. Underwater lighting on your custom dock will provide a spectacular effect that will impress your friend’s neighbors. Underwater lighting will also create a pleasant place to sit and watch the marine life that is attracted to your dock by the underwater lights at night.

Sit Back and Relax

When looking to have a boat dock built with custom boat dock accessories in Tampa Bay, Ellenton, St Pete or Clearwater, Priority Marine Construction will meet all of your needs. From dock storage lockers to coolers to fish cleaning stations to custom fender systems we have it all. Whether you want one of our pre-designed docks or a completely custom-designed dock, Priority’s professionally trained staff will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure your custom boat dock will turn out exactly as you wish.

We take many measures to ensure your dock will withstand the intense weather of the Tampa Bay area. All of our wood docks are built with Southern Pine Lumber. Which is the industry’s strongest pressure-treated lumber. Including the highest quality materials to secure it. We are also a TREX certified contractor. So if you want your dock built from this premium durable material it is one of our specialties. Our custom boat dock accessories will add to the safety and convenience of your dock. In addition to using high-quality materials, our trained employees consider many factors when designing your custom dock– including current and tidal flow, wind and wave exposure, the stability of the shoreline, and all other environmental concerns.

No matter the size of the dock you want custom boat dock accessories for, whether it be a single boat dock or a huge marina with multiple boat slips, Priority Marine will make sure you are satisfied. When looking for a custom boat dock builder in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Ellenton, Bradenton, Cape Coral, and surrounding areas, contact us today at (727) 447-1373.